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White Onyx Pendant, wrapped in Rose Gold copper wire (WO5)


With lovely wire detail, this is a naturally heart-shaped White Onyx stone from Mexico, measuring 2 cm wide and about 1.6 cm in height. It's wrapped in rose-gold coloured copper wire and is ready to be hung on a chain or cord.

One only. Handmade by Walks Between Worlds.

Black onyx is probably the most famous onyx, prized for its sleek appearance and used often in jewellery, but we are really missing out on some amazing stuff if we ignore other onyx varieties.

White Onyx is so soothing and grounding, it's a little unreal. "Earth Magick" is the keyphrase, and this stone is a must for any workings with the earth and earth energies.

White Onyx helps you to feel at home with the ground beneath your feet. It helps you bond with your land, so is particularly helpful for someone who maybe hasn't settled into their new home yet, and / or can't. Carry with you through a house change, or emigration. It's a good aid if you're looking to integrate into your local community more, or are setting up local fairs and events, and so on. Equally, if you're studying the folklore of a local place, white onyx might lead you exactly where you need to go.

This stone is home away from home, and learning to love wherever you lay your hat.