"Unconventional Heart" (Amazonite and Carnelian Necklace)

"Unconventional Heart" (Amazonite and Carnelian Necklace)


Be bold, live true.
Your unconventional heart
is calling you.

Amazonite is the stone of courage, steadying the fear in your heart and facing it, and speaking your truth. Do you have something important you've been meaning to tell someone, but don't know how? Scared they won't take it well? Wear or carry Amazonite with you for a few days before 'the talk'. The keyword for this stone is Braveheart. It works specifically on your heart and throat chakras, helping to express what's in your heart. It combines well with Rose Quartz for periods of grief.

Red Carnelian: "The Setting Sun", this stone is one of victories and success. It empowers us to fight for our causes; to be kings and queens of our dominion. It inspires boldness, and is a motivator of desire and passion. Sensual and brave, it encourages us to speak freely and eloquently. Wear it to aid in public speaking, acting, or singing. It was often worn by warriors before battle, and by those of high ranking to symbolise their status.

Hand-wired in silver-plated copper wire and finished with a heart charm, this pendant hangs on a double-looped, red leather cord with another Carnelian chip making up the bead and loop closure. A 17" necklace for those who are warriors of the heart.

"Unconventional Heart" (Amazonite and Carnelian Necklace) Image 2 "Unconventional Heart" (Amazonite and Carnelian Necklace) Image 3 "Unconventional Heart" (Amazonite and Carnelian Necklace) Image 4 "Unconventional Heart" (Amazonite and Carnelian Necklace) Image 5
Chunky Carnelian Pendant wrapped in Brass
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