Tibetan Red Quartz with Green Garnet

Tibetan Red Quartz with Green Garnet


A gorgeous natural Tibetan Red Quartz point, 3.1 cm long, is wrapped in dark purple-coloured copper wire with a Green Garnet stone threaded through it. The pendant is ready to be hung on a cord or chain.

All of my jewellery can be worn simply because you like it. I include the energetic properties of the stones below for those who want to work with them in that way, too.

Tibetan Quartz is simply a quartz crystal from the region of Tibet. It is generally known for its ability to help you access the higher mind and higher consciousness, perhaps a bit more directly than most other types of quartz. It carries the energies of the deep-rooted sacred spirituality attached to the Himalayas and surrounding areas.

Red Quartz contains an inclusion of Haematite, which is what gives it that red colour. It's an extremely grounding stone, but without the harshness of Haematite on its own.

This is an excellent stone to wear or carry when working towards stability and security. It can give positive direction to finances. It can help one to find their identity and balance the ego. Desire, sensuality, and sexuality are big keywords for this type of quartz – use it on the base / root chakra, and even the sacral. It may do okay on the solar plexus, too. It's excellent when working with or healing issues surrounding sexuality and same-sexuality, and transgender.

This is a stone for being grounded in the modern world, but without losing sight of who you actually are. If you are one who is sensitive to the harshness of the 21st century, you may find strength in Red Quartz.

Green Garnet adds balance and strength of integrity (and bodily integrity), allowing one to better find security and self-assurance over self-doubt.

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Cotton and Copper-Wrapped Tibetan Red Quartz Necklace
Tibetan Red Quartz Pendant (RQ1)
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