Sodalite Pendant (SD4)

Sodalite Pendant (SD4)


A gorgeous deep blue, Sodalite ignites your third eye – the seat of your intuition and second sight. It guides you towards your inner-knowing and wisdom, encouraging you to trust your instincts as its powerful vibration flows through you. Use it for dreamwork, meditative processes, and otherworld journeying.

This pendant is made from a tumbled, high grade stone from South Africa, measuring approximately 2.2 cm in length. It is wrapped in silver-coated copper wire with no glue. (Pendant only - no chain is supplied.)

Handmade, unique piece.

Sodalite Pendant (SD4) Image 2 Sodalite Pendant (SD4) Image 3 Sodalite Pendant (SD4) Image 4 Sodalite Pendant (SD4) Image 5
Sodalite Pendant (SD5)
Sodalite Pendant: "Indigo Bee"
Sodalite Pendant (SD3)
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