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Snakeskin Jasper Necklace (SJN3)


This is a 20.5” snake charm necklace with a hand-wired Snakeskin Jasper stone on a black, leather cord, with a bead and loop fastening. (Wired in silver-plated copper.)

The crystal healing description below is based on how the energy of the crystal can aid the spirit, mind, and body when used purposefully, with belief and conscious awareness. (Please read our disclaimer on our Terms page.)

Jasper is the ultimate nurturer for body and spirit. There are many kinds of Jasper, and out of all stones, Jasper is the most flexible and stable for healing physical and chronic ailments.

Snakeskin Jasper can help with skin conditions, irritations, inflexibility, and issues surrounding the spine. Emotionally, and spiritually, it connects us with our past and aids in shedding what we no longer need from it; from any negativity we might be holding onto. Snakeskin Jasper is great for shadow work, exorcising your personal demons, it can help overcome addictions, and ease the process of all transformations. It's also a great aid for earth workers / those in the environmental or geological fields, because it's very good at connecting you with the earth, or area of earth you are working on at present, no matter the climate or the environment - Snakeskin Jasper will awaken you to the desert, or to the ground beneath feet of ice, or to the rock of a volcano. It's able to connect with the matrix of the entire planet.