Selenite Wand with Dragonflies (Plum)

Selenite Wand with Dragonflies (Plum)


This is definitely one for chunky jewellery lovers! A Selenite Wand measuring about 4.8 cm long, 1.4 wide and 1.4 deep is wrapped in plum-coloured aluminium wire and decorated with two little copper-coloured dragonfly charms. It's ready to be hung on your favourite cord or chain. (Please note, no chain is supplied - the photograph is to show the size of the pendant.)

I absolutely adore Selenite - it’s one of my favourite stones to wear. It’s playful and fun, bright and sociable, and wants to talk about everything, or, rather, help you talk about everything. It's a communicator - specifically a "receiver" of information and it aids one in understanding (and translating) information coming in - old, or new, doesn't matter - any information. It's also a bridge to the Otherworld - it opens all chakras from your throat to your crown (and higher) and aids in understanding the information we're receiving from wherever we might be receiving it. Use it next to Moldavite for extra-terrestrial communication, with Angelite, Rutilated Quartz or Seraphinite for angelic communication, or with any stone or crystal you find hard to understand - it may help.

Its other well-known function is cleansing impurities, and I have found that it is best at cleansing wireless and electrical toxins from the air and body (while Black Tourmaline excels in dispelling more physical toxins). It doesn't mind electrical or wireless energy, and to that end can help around the office. I find everything runs a little smoother with some Selenite to hand.

It is a soft crystal and, therefore, is not cleansed in salt water. Since, like Black Tourmaline, this stone is self-cleansing, you don't actually need to cleanse it, although this doesn't mean they don't appreciate a bit of TLC. A waft through some White Sage smoke every now and again (or Rosemary, Lavender, etc) would not be unappreciated by Selenite.

Dragonflies are the sages of the insect world and symbolise sustenance through time, connections with old gods, and leaps within our DNA structure, perhaps even triggering evolution for one species to become another.

Handmade by Walks Between Worlds.

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Selenite Wand Necklace
Selenite Wand Pendant (SW2)
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