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Ruby in Zoisite Pendant

£9.95 - £14.95 / Sold out

This is an absolutely gorgeous Anyolite (Ruby in Zoisite) stone wrapped in copper wire with an antique finish. The stone measures approx. 2.8 cm and the pendant is ready to be hung on a cord or chain.

For £5 more, there is the option to purchase this pendant with a metallic-sheen copper-coloured leather cord, double-looped and fitted with a bead-and-loop closure featuring a green and white speckled stone bead (see photo - necklace length will be about 18" unless another length is requested). Alternatively, view our Bespoke Cording Service for more options.

Ruby in Zoisite (also called Anyolite), with its deep green tone and flecks of red, is a stone that exudes harmony, balance, and stability. It has a great connection to earth energies and plant devas. It stimulates the heart and sacral chakras, soothes the soul, and through its connection with Gaia (Mother Earth) reminds you that there is a greater plan and everything's going to be just fine. If using this stone in crystal healing sessions, it does well placed on the heart or sacral chakra, or on the centres of the palms.