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Image of Rough Haematite Ball Necklace

Rough Haematite Ball Necklace


This is an unusual necklace that won't be to everyone's taste! Most people like "pretty" jewellery and some won't find this so fetching. However, if you are someone who uses the energy of crystals and stones for various ailments, rough haematite packs a punch. This one is in its "ball" form and not polished at all. It is quite weighty; is wired with copper and hangs on a dark brown hemp cord that is decorated with two, misty, grey-blue beads. A coconut hoop makes up the bead and loop fastening.

The necklace is 16.5” inches long.

Energetic properties: Haematite is grounding and carries the masculine energy of iron: willpower, force, motivation, and movement. It can inspire thought, diminish feelings of guilt, help you find surety, and lead a movement. It can be good for lethargy (especially if caused by anemia). It puts you right back in your body and in the driving seat of your life.

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