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Prehnite Pendant (P5)


New for the Spring Equinox, I'm very pleased to bring Prehnite pendants into the store as my latest collection.

Prehnite is a delightful stone that packs some energy! A beautiful, green colour, it encourages abundance, and growth of energy through fertility and creativity. It connects you to (reminds you of) the core values that conjure abundance for you and urges you to nurture those values.

The natural inclusions are commonly Epidote (a very earthing energy) or Black Tourmaline (a purifying energy).

This stone measures 1.6 cm long and is hand-wrapped in copper with an antique finish. It's ready to be hung on your favourite cord or chain. Alternatively, check out our Bespoke Cording Service for more options.

Made by Walks Between Worlds.