"Power of Three" Tibetan Quartz Pendant

"Power of Three" Tibetan Quartz Pendant

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Sometimes, I get the urge to do something different and this is one of those times. Three very slim Tibetan Quartz Points are wrapped in blue linen and copper to create this high vibe pendant that seems to like to resonate to all the “teen” numbers. Its energy is like a tuning fork, pulling you in and straightening you out until you are singing to your own higher self’s beat. Yes, this is a pendant that will help you tune in what you want and tune out what you don’t. It’ll encourage higher spiritual communication from you, help you polish your intuition, and step into your role as the high priestess / priest, or goddess / god. Connection to stars and ETs are possible here, but the three quartz’s power is in aligning you to your higher self who knows everything about you, including the future you.

These little crystals have lovely clarity and under the wiring there are even some small spirals along their lengths near their tops. (This may make them “Spiral Quartz” crystals, which adds a dimension to the esoteric quality of them, including ascension and rising to new heights.)

Quartz Crystals are used by crystal healers for multiple purposes. Their silica-based make-up allows for the programming and storing of information and energy flow, and they hold a certain crystalline consciousness that makes them a little different from many other stones. If you resonate with one well and work with it often, it can become like your best friend.

Tibetan Quartz is simply a quartz crystal from the region of Tibet. It is generally known for its ability to help you access the higher mind and higher consciousness, perhaps a bit more directly than most other types of quartz. It carries the energies of the deep-rooted sacred spirituality attached to the Himalayas and surrounding areas.

The pendant measures approx. 3.1 cm in length and is ready to be hung on your favourite cord or chain.

Hand-wrapped with no glue to allow the crystals' energy to flow with ease.

"Power of Three" Tibetan Quartz Pendant Image 2 "Power of Three" Tibetan Quartz Pendant Image 3 "Power of Three" Tibetan Quartz Pendant Image 4 "Power of Three" Tibetan Quartz Pendant Image 5
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