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Image of Moonstone with Green Garnet Pendant (cotton cord option available)

Moonstone with Green Garnet Pendant (cotton cord option available)

£12.00 - £17.00

Beautifully wired with silver-plated copper, with a Green Garnet chip added, this Moonstone pendant is ready to be hung on a chain or cord of your choice. The Moonstone measures about 1.7 cm long.

There is an option below to add a cream cotton cord with a green glass bead for £5 (see photos).

Moonstone is most often used to nurture the bonding between mother and child. This stone is also good for karmic / past life healing, bringing old, sometimes painful emotions to the forefront to be dealt with. Can be used in magical workings to call upon The Goddess (specifically the Moon Goddess, Diana The Huntress). If your family has some kind of traumatic history along the maternal upline, this stone can be specifically used to help heal this wound or end the repeated pattern.

Green Garnet adds balance and strength of integrity (and bodily integrity), allowing one to better find security and self-assurance over self-doubt.

Hand-wired, unique piece.

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