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Michael's Sword (a Cleansing and Transformational Energy & Auric Spray)

£9.95 - £13.95

Please note, we only deliver this item to UK addresses.

To cleanse any dense energies from your crystal jewellery, spray the fine mist in the air and then waft your crystal pendant or necklace through it - do it with intention. Do not spray straight on the jewellery.

Michael's Sword is an energetically purifying and protective room and auric spray, that also holds the space for deep transformation to take place in a gentle, loving way. Perfect for cleansing sacred space before and after individual and group work, or for use anywhere energies feel troubled or stagnant.

Created with the vibrations of Rose Quartz and Quantum Quattro, KUTA-0 Essence, KUTA-1 Essence, and the energies of Archangel Michael. Finished with the pure essential oils of Rose, Lemon, Patchouli, and Benzoin.

Supplied in glass spray bottles, and preserved in a solution of water, vodka, and pure essential oils.

50ml bottle, £9.95
100ml bottle, £13.95

Directions: spray around the auric body, or the room, as and when needed. (Do not ingest or spray near eyes.)

There are no contraindications - vibrational essence sprays support the emotions and the spirit, and are safe for everyone.

Angelic Crystal Series is a series of essences made by Dianna (Walks Between Worlds) to support the group evolution of communities and societies in various ways. These essences have all been guided into creation by Archangels as and when needed, dependent on societal events.