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Lemurian Seed Laser Wand Pendant (LW1)


Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals are recognised by the striations (or ridges) along their facets from top to bottom. They hold a certain vibration that sets them apart from other quartz types and are said to have been left on earth from the time of Lemuria, still holding the information that had been programmed into them at that time.

Laser wand refers to the shape of the crystal, tapering to a fine point; in this case, naturally so. Laser wands are master healers, helping to pin-point areas that need rebalancing and clearing, and directing energy and focus.

This particular crystal has an ethereal misty quality to it, making it almost appear to glow. It's truly eye-catching.

It measures 4.4cm long and is wrapped in silver-plated copper wire.

Handmade and unique - one only. (Chain not provided.)

Moonstones are for visual representation only and are not included.