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Larimar Leaf Drop Pendant


Beautiful and elegantly casual, and perfect for spring, this silver-plated copper-wired Larimar stone (approx. 1.5 cm in length) features a silver-coloured filigree leaf floating under it, connected by a cream coloured bead. A matching cream, double-looped hemp cord carries the design, and is finished with a bead and loop fastening with two loops, giving you two options of necklace length: 17" and 18"

AA grade Larimar from the Dominican Republic.

Larimar is such a beautiful stone carrying the energy of the ocean through time and timelines, and even through dimensions. It is aligned with dolphins and early Atlantis, the mother, Mother Earth, and is incredibly nurturing. It can help to strengthen the bond between mother and baby, and increase sensations, clairsentience, and empathy.

Handmade necklace - one only.