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Larimar and Lava Choker


A stunning coalescence of blue, black, and cream have created a one-of-a-kind choker necklace, carrying the energies of Gaia's gentleness and wrath in equal measure - nature in all her glory. The Larimar stone in the pendant is about 1.3 cm long and wrapped n silver-coated copper wire. The choker is approx. 14" in length with a lava bead and loop closure with wrap detail.

AA grade Larimar from the Dominican Republic.

Larimar is such a beautiful stone carrying the energy of the ocean through time and timelines, and even through dimensions. It is aligned with dolphins and early Atlantis, the mother, Mother Earth, and is incredibly nurturing. It can help to strengthen the bond between mother and baby, and increase sensations, clairsentience, and empathy.

Lava, gathered from the cooled eruption of volcanoes, is re-hardened molten rock - the earth itself disarrayed and rearranged. It carries the energies of regeneration, determination, survival, and the balanced passion behind correctly channelled anger.

Handmade necklace - one only.