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Image of “Karmic Ties” Tibetan Quartz Pendant

“Karmic Ties” Tibetan Quartz Pendant


This little pendant comes with a blessing on paper that you can use as often as you need to, to help release the ties that bind. The pendant was created with this intention in mind and is good for anyone who needs to let go of someone they are holding onto too tightly: mother/daughter, twins, boyfriend/girlfriend (the ex that just won’t come back), besties that need to part, etc.

The crystals will feel the pressure of your need and help you release it and express it in a more healthy way.

These two, tiny, Tibetan Quartz points hold a very loving, enlightened energy that can help you connect with your heart in a more balanced way and help you overcome the intensity of fear and sorrow.

Quartz Crystals are used by crystal healers for multiple purposes. Their silica-based make-up allows for the programming and storing of information and energy flow, and they hold a certain crystalline consciousness that makes them a little different from many other stones. If you resonate with one well and work with it often, it can become like your best friend.

Tibetan Quartz is simply a quartz crystal from the region of Tibet. It is generally known for its ability to help you access the higher mind and higher consciousness, perhaps a bit more directly than most other types of quartz. It carries the energies of the deep-rooted sacred spirituality attached to the Himalayas and surrounding areas.

The pendant measures about 2.3 cm in length and is wrapped in linen and silver-plated copper. It is ready to be hung on your favourite cord or chain.

Hand-wrapped with no glue to allow the crystals' energy to flow with ease.

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