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"Hathor" - Sugilite with Rose Quartz Purple Necklace


Definitely one for lovers of purple. One Sugilite AA grade tumbled stone is wired with silver-plated copper, incorporating a Rose Quartz chip at its top, held like the crown of Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of (among other things) love, beauty, music, dancing, fertility, and pleasure. These qualities are also aligned with the planet Venus and the sun sign, Taurus.

The necklace is finished with a purple, satin cord with a slip-knot fastening which is adjustable from 25" down to 16".

Sugilite is a beautiful stone with stunning purple hues. It connects you to your crown chakra (and beyond); to higher thinking, the bigger picture; to your spirit guides; ancient teachings and temples of old; helps you go deep into your dreams, spiritual creativity, and intuition so you can manifest your world.

Rose Quartz is a popular stone that encourages love, friendship and understanding within any relationship. Promotes unconditional love and can be used when any argument or disagreement has taken place. Combines well with Blue Lace Agate. Brings out the feminine, yin energy within, guiding one towards intuition, nurturing, trust and faith.

Hand-wired by Walks Between Worlds.

The video below shows other examples of Sugilite pendants.