Green Calcite Pendant

Green Calcite Pendant

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Green Calcite has been one of my favourite stones since I first got one twenty years ago. It's so very soothing for the heart chakra and is a heart healer. The more green it is, the more centred on healing, balance, and love; the more brown it is, the more centred on grounding, nurture, and reconnecting you to Mother Earth.

It can be helpful for heart ailments like palpitations. Good for highly anxious people, empaths and sensitives, and those who find it hard to find their balance and softness in a somewhat emotionally hard world.

This stone measures approx. 3.7 cm in length and is wrapped in gold-plated copper wire. No chain is supplied.

Handmade, unique piece.

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Green Calcite Necklace on red leather with a gold bead.
Green Calcite Necklace on green and red leather
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