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Freshwater Pearl & Aquamarine Drop Earrings


I love these - it's like I can smell the ocean when I look at them! A Freshwater Pearl bead under three translucent Aquamarine chips give these earrings a Lemurian or early Atlantis kind of vibe.

Pearls represent hidden treasures, beauty from unexpected sources, the extraordinary from the ordinary. It aids in transformation of those things we find gruelling, and can encourage strength, backbone, grit and muscle to see a laborious task through. It's also a heart and soul healer for amputees – those who have lost limbs – and can help with the mental and emotional side effects of such an experience.

Aquamarine symbolises 'light energy', connection with the sea and the tides of humanity, communication with humanity; it heals hearts, builds bridges, and connects heart with throat - "you can talk to me, for I am all words, and transgress all words".

The earrings are made of silver-plated, nickel-compliant steel.

Handmade with conscious awareness. One pair only.

*Note: returns are not possible for earrings.