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Image of Danburite Pendant (DP2)

Danburite Pendant (DP2)


Danburite is a stunning stone, similar to Topaz in structure and hardness. It can be clear, to pinkish (or yellowish). It’s named after the town Danbury, in Connecticut, where it was discovered in 1839.

Energetically, it promotes awareness, freshness, new ideas and energies coming in, helps to open your mind, helps you reach for something new and bright - the higher spiritual path and enlightenment; it can be very detoxifying for both the mind and the spirit, and helps to narrow your focus to the purest vibration you are capable of, so it is more easily attained.

This long, slim stone is hand-wired, without glue, in rose-gold coloured copper and measures about 3.1cm in length. The pendant is ready to be hung on your favourite cord or chain.

Personal thoughts: this pendant reminds me of a chrysalis! Perhaps it will help you emerge into who you want to be.

Handmade by Dianna at Walks Between Worlds.

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