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Clear Quartz and Green Agate Filigree Charm Choker/Necklace


A really lovely, yet fun necklace, filled with charms and joy. A gently tumbled clear quartz point hangs in harmony with a green agate stone, an angel wing, and a 'LOVE' word charm. Further up on the filigree design, a little dragonfly rests, and above that, another green agate stone adds a depth and symmetry to the antique copper-toned pendant. A double-looped, olive green satin cord with a bead and loop fastening, makes this a very unique 14" necklace (or choker).

Quartz Crystals are used by crystal healers for multiple purposes. Their silica-based make-up allows for the programming and storing of information and energy flow, and they hold a certain crystalline consciousness that makes them a little different from many other stones. If you resonate with one well and work with it often, it can become like your best friend.

Natural agate stones are balancing and grounding, bringing yin and yang into harmony. Green agate can particularly help you connect to the grid of the earth, lay lines, power points, and similarly help you make connections between your own body’s grid and your mind (connecting body and mind).

Handmade by Walks Between World.