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Chunky Carnelian Pendant wrapped in Brass


Red Carnelian: "The Setting Sun", this stone is one of victories and success. It empowers us to fight for our causes; to be kings and queens of our dominion. It inspires boldness, and is a motivator of desire and passion. Sensual and brave, it encourages us to speak freely, and eloquently. Wear it to aid in public speaking, acting, or singing. It was often worn by warriors before battle, and by those of high ranking to symbolise their status.

Wiring: This stone is wrapped in brass wire, not copper. While copper has an 'oomph' when used in energy work, brass is a bit milder, but much more warming.

This is quite a chunky stone measuring about 2.5cm in length, and also about 2cm in width and depth.

Handmade and unique - one only. (Chain / cord not provided.)