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Channelled Crystal: Rock Quartz Necklace, "Swift & Sure"

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What is a channelled crystal?
Sometimes when I wire quartz crystals, I receive information from them in the form of keywords, or messages. This doesn't always happen, but when it does, I make a note of it. The idea is that it will help someone in need of the "programme" or energy inside the crystal. In all cases though, please use the channelling as simply a guide.

Quartz Crystals (or Rock Quartz) are used by crystal healers for multiple purposes. Their silica-based make-up allows for the programming and storing of information and energy flow, and they hold a certain crystalline consciousness that makes them a little different from many other stones. If you resonate with one well and work with it often, it can become like your best friend.

The message in this crystal: Swift and Sure. Helps you know what you want, and the best way to try and get it. Also aids with motivation and the flow of energy when things seem stagnant.

This is a Rock Quartz crystal is just over 3cm in length, wrapped in copper wire, on a double satin, brown cord measuring 15" (choker length, small size). The necklace has a bead and loop fastening.

In addition, the shape of this stone look like an angel's or a bird's wing. Very lovely.

Handmade by Walks Between Worlds. Unique - one only.