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Channelled Crystal: Lemurian Seed Quartz Pendant, "Acceptance"


What is a channelled crystal?
Sometimes when I wire quartz crystals, I receive information from them in the form of keywords, or messages. This doesn't always happen, but when it does, I make a note of it. The idea is that it will help someone in need of the "programme" or energy inside the crystal. In all cases though, please use the channelling as simply a guide.

Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals are recognised by the striations (or ridges) along their facets from top to bottom. They hold a certain vibration that sets them apart from other quartz types and are said to have been left on earth from the time of Lemuria, still holding the information that had been programmed into them at that time.

The message in the crystal: "This crystal is 100% laid back, like the parent that lets their kid climb all over them for an hour, mess up their hair and clothes - it just doesn't care. Because it just doesn't matter. Why worry? 'Don't worry - be happy.' Acceptance is a key word with this one. It wants to help you find and keep your centre amid moments of chaos. It wants to help you love mess. It wants to help you love colour, and the craziness of creativity."

The crystal measures just over 4 cm in length. Wrapped in colour-coated copper wire. The price is for the one pictured.

Handmade and unique - one only. (Chain not provided.)