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Blue Kyanite Blade Pendant (BK3)


A gorgeous Blue Kyanite blade measuring 3 cm long is wrapped in rose-gold coloured copper, ready to be hung on your favourite cord or chain. (No chain included.)

Kyanite can come in blue, pink, or black. Blue Kyanite is the epitome of majestic grace. This stone is balancing, calming, and helps you connect to your inner-self – not just your inner-self, but the goddess within you. This stone is great used in meditation, dreamwork, inner-child work – even astral travel to an extent (although it tends not to take you quite as deep as Lapis Lazuli – Kyanite is much, much more grounding). It's fantastic as a talisman for magickal works, because the key to this stone is that it brings your "inner" to your "outer" in a stable and grounded way. Kyanite has a very feminine energy and helps one connect the heart with the mind, and ultimately, with the soul, so we have formed a trine: heart, mind, soul.

Kyanite is a soft stone (and also a very delicate one) that should not be cleansed in water.

Handmade by Walks Between Worlds.