Blue Agate and Rock Quartz Necklace

Blue Agate and Rock Quartz Necklace


All natural agates are balancing and grounding, bringing yin and yang into harmony. This particular agate stone is dyed blue taking on the qualities associated with the colour, in this case: Past Life, Karma, Dreamwork, Third Eye, Psychic Connection, Intuition, Divination, Resolving Emotional Issues.

The rock (clear) quartz bead, as with all clear quartz stones, can be programmed. Even the smallest clear quartz gemstone chip can be programmed – this is the beauty of clear quartz.

I created this necklace with the idea of calm and balance in mind. The drop pendant sits on a brown, leather cord that is double-looped and fastened at the top using a bead and loop method, with a Czech glass bead.

The pendant is wrapped in silver-plated copper wire.

The cord measures just over 15 inches (choker length, or just slightly longer than choker length), and the stones look simply beautiful resting below the neck.

Comes in an organza gift pouch.

Handmade by Walks Between Worlds.

Blue Agate and Rock Quartz Necklace Image 2 Blue Agate and Rock Quartz Necklace Image 3 Blue Agate and Rock Quartz Necklace Image 4
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