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Baroque Pearl Cross with Rhodochrosite


This is a really lovely necklace carrying the symbolism of unconditional love and sacrifice. On a double-looped red leather cord hangs a baroque pearl cross, wired with silver-plated copper. Finishing it off at the bottom is a Rhodochrosite bead wrapped in an antique brass coloured wire to bring out the more warning tones of the pearl. A large, red bead makes up the bead and loop fastening. The necklace hangs at just over 16".

Pearls represent hidden treasures, beauty from unexpected sources, the extraordinary from the ordinary. It aids in transformation of those things we find gruelling, and can encourage strength, backbone, grit and muscle to see a laborious task through. It's also a heart and soul healer for amputees – those who have lost limbs – and can help with the mental and emotional side effects of such an experience.

Rhodochrosite is the stone of unconditional love, and deep healing from trauma and abuse. Important words for this stone are 'sacrifice' and 'forgiveness'. A key for working with Rhodochrosite is unconditional sacrifice. This might sound like a given (what else can sacrifice be?), but sacrifice is often-times given with an assurance that it will trigger a specific outcome or change. Unconditional sacrifice is given because the other person / people / circumstances need it – that is all – regardless of anything that might be gained. Rhodochrosite helps us come to terms with the healing and changes required in order to sacrifice and forgive in this manner, or come to terms with sacrifices we've made in the past. Through this, we reach the ultimate goal of unconditional love.