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Image of Angel Hair (Rutilated Quartz) Leather Necklace

Angel Hair (Rutilated Quartz) Leather Necklace

£9.00 - On sale

On Sale: £9.00 (RRP: £12.00)

Looks good on any time of the year, this 16" necklace is made of a double-looped, dark brown leather cord with a metallic sheen, on which hangs a rutilated quartz stone (with some tourmaline threads running through it, too) that's been wrapped in gold-coloured copper wire. Decorating the cord are four citrine-lustred bicone beads, and the bead and loop fastening is finished with a tarnished gold-coloured bead etched with a rose.

Simple, understated, and magickal.

Angel Hair is named so, because of the rutile mineral that forms in the quartz creating golden strands that shine in the light.

This is a stone with a beautiful energy of play, laughter, light and striving for ease. "Everything's going to be just fine." Angel hair connects you with your higher consciousness; it binds the heart and mind. It's also possible to communicate with the higher realms using Angel Hair - sometimes in conjunction with another stone like Angelite, or Seraphinite. There is really good communication when the rutile is in a quartz point, where the quartz itself has been programmed for communication. The tumbled stones, such as these, form a lighter energy that focuses on fun, laughter, and peace of mind and heart.

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