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Andean Opal Pendant (AO3)


Found in the Andes in Peru, this stone is a stunning green-blue colour. Varieties can also be found in pink.

Andean Opal lends itself to working with the heart chakra, and any old feelings that need releasing, either personally, or down the family ancestral line. It is a stone that connects well to “earth energy” and Gaia, and can be used to access lost civilisations and ancient mysteries. Its link to lost civilisations also aligns with the ocean and all the secrets lost to the ocean amidst the passing of time. Those doing healing work – particularly shamanic healing work – may find this stone very beneficial. It can also help one to journey, meditate, and access the third eye.

This is a beautifully wired, rugged tumbled stone that measures approx. 2 x 2 cm. It's wired with silver-plated copper and ready to hung on your favourite cord or chain.

Hand-wired by Walks Between Worlds.