Amethyst Drop Earrings (ADE2)

Amethyst Drop Earrings (ADE2)


Amethyst: The stone of the Crown Chakra and the higher mind, Amethyst has always, throughout history, been used to represent the strength of will, and mind over matter. It allows one to travel in between the realms of dimensions whilst remaining grounded in this one, and balanced within the self. Dream journeying can be made easier and safer with Amethyst to hand. It is also a stone of learning and study, and students of any subject may find it useful to wear or carry while integrating their lessons.

These little stones measure approx. 1 cm each and are wired with silver-coated, nickel-compliant steel. The ones you see in the picture are the ones you will get.

*Note: returns are not possible for earrings.

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