Amber Pendant (Am1)

Amber Pendant (Am1)


This naturally square-shaped amber resin piece measures 2 x 2 cm and is wrapped in silver-plated copper wire. It comes read my to be hung in your favourite cord or chain.

Most of the amber in the world is between 30 and 90 million years old. It is a tree resin that has fossilised over millennia; even so, many regard it like a gemstone and it is often worn as jewellery.

Because of its age and the way it is created, Amber lends itself to past life work, or the healing of things from our past in this life. Any kind of apathy or “stuckness” can benefit from the energies of amber, the softness of the organic material promising the potential for mutability when faced with the seemingly immovable. Its beautiful colour aligns itself to the sacral chakra (one of the gateways into ancestry) and encourages a deep-rooted courage for transitions and changes that life may throw our way.

Hand-wired unique piece by Walks Between Worlds.

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