African Turquoise Jasper & Moonstone Drop Earrings

African Turquoise Jasper & Moonstone Drop Earrings


I've nicknamed these the "Ancestral Gaia Earrings" because the energy they give out is soooo mothering and nurturing, grounding and fertile, and also healing of past timelines. A Jasper bead and three moonstone chips create a beautiful vibration.

African Turquoise Jasper is a kind of Jasper (often used as imitation Turquoise), and as such it connects us to the earth and all that has brought us here to this point. Jasper is the ultimate nurturer for body and spirit. There are many kinds of Jasper, and out of all stones, Jasper is the most flexible and stable for healing physical and chronic ailments. African Turquoise lends itself to working with any condition of the eyes, ears, throat and heart. It can help with past life connection and past tribe connection (recalling events from the ancestral line, or tribal line – for example, in Native American or African societies, etc.). As well as offering a link between the past and the present, it offers a link between earth happenings, and cosmic spiritual happenings.

Moonstone – most often used to nurture the bonding between mother and child, this stone is also good for karmic / past life healing, bringing old, sometimes painful emotions to the forefront to be dealt with. Can be used in magical workings to call upon The Goddess (specifically the Moon Goddess, Diana The Huntress). If your family has some kind of traumatic history along the maternal upline, this stone can be specifically used to help heal this wound or end the repeated pattern.

The earrings are made of silver-plated, nickel-compliant steel.

Handmade with conscious awareness. One pair only.

*Note: returns are not possible for earrings.

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