This page covers questions not answered by the information on the other pages of this site, so first, I recommend you look at the Terms page for all questions about delivery/collection and returns, and the Resources page for information about jewellery care. More questions will be added to the below list as and when they arise.


Q. Can I pay for my items in US dollars / a different currency?

Yes, I believe PayPal automatically converts the amount for you into your own currency at checkout, but this store only displays the items in £GBP. Dollars2Pounds.com is a useful converter if you need to see prices in dollars or another currency.

Q. I'd like a specific pendant/necklace made up in a certain way. Do you do commissions?

I might be able to, but not cheaply. A commission is a bespoke, personal service that can take up to a month for completion, and the nature of what I do means there needs to be room for flexibility to accommodate the shape and hardness of the natural stone. If I already have the stone in stock that you are looking for, then we will need to arrange time for communication, either via email or a video chat (or by appointment if you're local) to show images, discuss your options, and the type of wiring and design you would like, including any cords and beads. If I don't have the stone in stock (and assuming I can get hold of it), the price goes up a fair amount. If you are genuinely interested in a commission, please ask me about prices.

Q. I'm local to you. Do you do viewings for your jewellery?

Yes, these take place on weekday mornings between 10am and 1pm, by appointment only. Contact me and let me know which pieces you are interesting in viewing, and which day you would ideally like to book in for. (Viewings are not the same as a local collection of your order - collections can be arranged across a much wider timescale. Please see the Terms page for more info about collecting your order.)

Q. Where do your crystals and stones come from?

The natural, whole (undrilled), crystals and stones that I wire and make up the bulk of my pendants and come from two rock wholesalers that work with small family businesses that mine by hand in the country of the stones' origin. This encourages fair trade and environmental care over the mining process. I also use these same stones and crystals for crystal healing. Where I use drilled semi-precious beads and chips that are supplied by bead wholesalers in larger quantities, it's much harder to determine the stones' mining process, so I strive to buy these from bead suppliers that are small family businesses and have a good ethos.

Q. Does your jewellery come gift-wrapped?

All of the jewellery pieces sold from Walks Between Worlds come gift-ready in an organza pouch which can be reused over and over again. Some ideas for reuse: make little herb sachets - fill them with lavender and pop them next to your pillow for a peaceful night's sleep. Or fill them with tissue scented with essential oil and keep them in your clothes drawer. Use them to store little stones and treasures; use them as tea bags for loose herbs. Pass them on with gifts inside. There are a range of things you can do with your organza bags, and when they start to fall apart, you can sew them up and carry on. Included with your gift pouch is an insert with the stone's energetic meaning (if relevant) as described on this site. For some more delicate items, little cardboard boxes are used instead of pouches.