Artisan metal-wired jewellery focusing on the energetic and healing properties of crystals and stones.

Created by Walks Between Worlds (WBW).


Author, creator, spiritual coach, and shamanic & crystal healer, Dianna walks between worlds to bring you handcrafted, wire-wrapped, and energetically woven pendants and other crystal items made with conscious awareness of the spirit of the stones, metals, and the planetary influences that affect them.

"I started to wire crystals and stones in 2015 - after inheriting some jewellery making equipment from my mother - because I wanted to wear small, delicate pieces that would get lost in my pocket or bag, and some tumblestones that I couldn't find as necklaces. This way, I could carry the energy of the crystal next to me, effectively working with it throughout the day.

"Aesthetically, I've always been inspired by rustic beach & surf jewellery, and you'll see hints of this in my designs (read about that below), but please note that I consider myself a crystal communicator and healer rather than a jeweller. All my focus is on the energy of the crystals and ensuring that energy is in a pristine state. The stones are cleansed and smudged before I wire them, and activated and blessed before being sent to you.

"I mostly use copper as a wire wrap because it's a conductor, and I do not use glue on the crystals so that the energy of the stone can flow with ease. (Using copper also means my jewellery stays affordable.) Please handle your jewellery with care as you would a ceremonial piece. I recommend cleaning any dust off with a soft paintbrush, and cleansing it energetically a month after constant wear, with white sage smudging."


"The beach and sea have been a constant influence throughout my life, having been born near the sea, lived near the sea, and in 2016, moved location to be near the sea again. The natural colours, textures, and materials, and the free-spirit-feel of Beach & Surf jewellery has always captured me and ignited a matching free spirit within, naturally influencing the design and feel of all my creations (it's one of the reasons I love spirals so much - they remind me of the ebb and flow of the sea and creation itself).

"While the crystals and stones I wrap have an earthiness about them - coming from soil, land, caves, and hidden places - many also hold the essence of the ocean in their energy - the Larimars and Andeal Opals, to name only two - and lend themselves to Beach & Surf necklaces and jewellery items.

"The Beach & Surf pieces I make are made up of stones and beads that capture this essence energetically and aesthetically, and they have found their way, quite unsurprisingly, into a category of their own. I don't necessarily recommend you wear them surfing as sea salt wreaks havoc on beads and material cords (and even some crystals, like Selenite), but enjoy how they make you feel when you wear them - a timeless being in the giant wave of evolution, from sea to land, connected to all, and always walking between worlds."